Are you a Facebook rule breaker?

Who knew?!

I had no idea!


Are you kidding me?


These are common phrases heard through out Facebook ever since the new Timeline was launched for Facebook business pages.  Let’s admit it, it has been a llloooonnnngggg month since the change happened. I mean, we ALL saw the same Facebook page guidelines. Right? And we ALL read them thoroughly, right?

Let me answer that for all of us

HELL to the NO did we read those guidelines. And I especially love the line at the very end of the guidelines.

We reserve the right to reject or remove Pages for any reason. These terms are subject to change at any time.

Did you read that?

This is no joke. I read an amazing article over at Marketing Gum on this exact topic. I highly encourage you to check the post out in its entirety.

No longer can you feign ignorance. Ignorance will bite you in the butt. After reading that article I started perusing Facebook business pages and was flat out shocked at how many pages were breaking countless Facebook rules. Not just small business. Huge, big brands are breaking the rules. Wow.

Facebook administrators beware!


Are you a rule breaker?




  1. Star Traci says

    Oh dear, now I’m scared. I’m not sure I even saw the guidelines! Aack! I’m probably a rule breaker without even knowing it. Thanks for the warning! I’ll go look at the article and see what terrible infractions of which I am guilty!


    • Christina says

      I’ll be honest Traci, it is kinda scary! But, if we educate ourselves and don’t bury our heads in the sand, we should be A-OK.